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Research Fellow

Adjunct Research Fellow Appointment Regulations
Regulation One: The term of appointment for  Adjunct Research Fellows is one year per appointment. A position without  remuneration. At least three months before the end of the term of appointment,  a renewal of appointment may be made on decision of the Center, to be approved  by the University President. When necessary, renewal of appointment may only be  made by the Center after evaluation.

Regulation Two: Appointed Research Fellows should participate  in academic events of the Center for Buddhist Studies, including attendance at  academic conferences, presentation of academic papers, and publication of  papers after acceptance, amendment and review.

Regulation Three: Appointed Research Fellows may  apply for a research office and live on campus to undertake research, to which  the Center will provide a research office, library card, and accommodation and  meals on campus. During the term of appointment they should undertake the  giving of lectures, and teaching of classes to students.

Regulation Four: Scholars who have received  international academic honors may be appointed on the basis of appointment  regulations, with new appointments as a Distinguished Research Fellow, without  any age restrictions, where the period of appointment decided by a University  Affairs Meeting on recommendation by the Center Director.